McKinley Alumni

Did you know that we have an active Alumni? We are proud to host an annual reception each year with Alumni that represent the last 6 decades.

If you know family, friends or neighbors who attended McKinley in the past please encourage them to contact us at in order to add them to our mailing list. For more information on our active alumni contact Joyce Abrams at 858.459.5370 or email her at  You can also visit our reunion page on Facebook to see more photos and reunion information.

The next reunion will be held on Oct. 19, 2013 at 1:00 – 4:00 pm.

Help Be Part of McKinley’s Story Corp: As part of their studies this year, McKinley students are studying where they fit in “place and time.” We’re looking for McKinley alumni that students can interview to learn what it was like when you were growing up, both inside and outside school.  What were classes like in McKinley when you went to school?  What was it like growing up?  What were your post-McKinley school and work experiences?  What were some of the major events that occurred in your lifetime?  Share your experiences with current students and help expand their worlds! For more information email us at

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  1. In looking at the pictures of the 2013 McKinley reunion, I noticed the abundance of class photos. This has stirred my imagination and I wanted to put forth a fund raising idea for the Alumni Association. As many of my former classmates, my class photos are gone, vanished over the year, never to be seen and dearly missed. I for one would spend a small fortune to have a copy of each one of them. (Get where I’m headed?) The pictures are available, copyright may need to be cleared, a team would have to be set up for processing orders, a scanner would have to be available, a price would have to be set, advertising …etc. But don’t you have to do all this with any fundraiser? Please consider this proposal or just let me have access to my class photos:) I look forward to your reply.

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