Meet our Staff


Transitional Kindergarten (TK):

Mrs. Shannon Trocha – ROOM 4


Ms. Kayla McElwee – ROOM 1

Ms. Zosha Schoonmaker – ROOM 2

Ms. Debbie Davis – ROOM 3

Ms. Leslie Mellos, ROOM 6


Ms. Frankie Appleby, ROOM 5

Ms. Jackson, ROOM 22

Ms. Panerio, ROOM 7

Ms. Mackenzie ROOM 8

Mr. Jesse Carillo, ROOM 11

Ms. Tilly Som, ROOM 12

Mr. Richard Kenyon, ROOM 17

Ms. Joni Gentle, ROOM 18


Mrs. Wagner, ROOM 16

Mrs. Danielle Zdunich, ROOM 19

Mr. David Whitehead, ROOM 20

Ms. Chavira, ROOM B-25


Ms. Krista Mills, ROOM 14

Ms. Gina Honma, ROOM 15

Mr. Scott Gharary, ROOM B-24


Ms. Kathleen Phillips, ROOM B-26

Ms. Julie Cheesman, ROOM B-27

Ms. Ashley Knox, ROOM B-28

Physical Education: Ms. Donna Tennies

Speech-Language Pathologist: Ms. Pam Steckbeck

Check out the amazing music video that the teachers created to support McKinley students during the 2012 STAR testing in May. Using a Katy Perry song, with custom lyrics by Pam Steckbeck and lead vocals by Danielle Zdunich, the video was shown to students at a rally before the start of the annual testing for grades 2-5. Go Cougars!

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