Annie Audition Information


Thank you to everyone that auditioned!


What should songs and lines should I prepare for the audition?

We will all sing “Tomorrow (Reprise)” as a warm-up together, and you should also prepare an additional song from the show (suggestions are listed on the Character Breakdown page).

You should also choose  a monologue to perform. Click here to download Audition Monologues

You will be able to bring the lines and lyrics on stage for the audition, but we highly recommend trying to memorize them, so you can focus on expressiveness.

What do I wear to auditions?

Wear comfortable shoes and clothing that allow you to move easily.

What will I do at auditions?

When you arrive at the Auditorium go to the check-in table outside the Auditorium and check in with Pauline Trevino.

During the actual audition you will:

The auditorium will be closed except to the directors and the students (and their parents/siblings) listed for the audition time slot. All other students must wait quietly outside on the picnic tables. We ask that you remain quiet and courteous during auditions, and make arrangements for other siblings or wait outside with them if they are unable to be so during auditions. Thank you!

***It’s best to think that you are auditioning at all times from the moment you walk in the door until you leave the building. We do watch how you behave while waiting, while standing in line, while others are performing… all of these things tell us how you will behave during the rehearsal and performance process.***

The directors evaluate:

  • VOCAL QUALITIES — pitch, placement, articulation and projection
  • MOVEMENT SKILLS — do you perform the stage directions indicated in your script?
  • CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT — do you embody the character or stand like a stick?
  • SENSE OF FOCUS — do you live in the world or are you too aware of the audience?
  • IMAGINATION and CREATIVITY — your unique interpretation of language and character
  • EXPRESSIVENESS —   is it in your words? your face? your body?
  • HONESTY — Are you reacting and speaking as your character would?

Then we look at things like height, and age to think about what role you might fit into and which of the other people that auditioned might match up with you. The same criterion is true for callbacks.

PLEASE NOTE: Characters, genders, and ages may be adjusted depending upon who auditions.


At callback auditions, the production team may ask certain actors to sing, read or dance again. You will be contacted as soon as possible if you are asked to attend callbacks.

If some kids aren’t invited to callbacks, they may think that they are not being considered for the show. This is not true. Many parts may have been cast after the initial audition and may not require a callback.  Also, remember that when you are asked to sing or read for a specific part, this does not guarantee that you will be cast in that part.