Community Projects

 Joint Use Park

Joint Use Park

Our dreams of having a joint-use park at McKinley are coming closer to
reality!   A joint use park would provide for a number of improvements to
the school grounds as well as making the southern end of the campus a city
park that would be open to neighbors after-school and on the weekends.  The
project would make a positive impact on the school and the neighborhood
community!  The City, thanks to Todd Gloria’s office, hired a Landscape
Architecture firm to draw up the plans.  We’ve met with the
Landscape Architect and key city staff to share the plans that we put
together over the years with school and community input.

The City and the Landscape Architect will be holding two more community
meetings to get more input.  The first meeting is scheduled for Monday,
November 26th at 6:00pm at McKinley Elementary School.  For more
information, contact Janine Whitaker at or Jen Sabo
Spencer at

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