About ASE

(For details about the current session and to register online, please go here.)

McKinley’s After School Enrichment (ASE) Program offers a variety of classes outside of school hours intended to enhance our students’ educational experience. Like many schools, our campus hosts classes provided by various organizations that offer enrichment programing. In many schools, these organizations individually contract to rent space on campus to provide their classes, advertise, and handle payments directly with individual parents. While this requires next to no volunteer involvement, these organizations operate independently so they might not coordinate program dates and times, etc. in a way that’s convenient for the parents, school staff, and other after school programing (e.g. Primetime).

At McKinley, the PTC has elected form a committee of parents to curate, administer, and coordinate the program so that we can streamline the enrollment process and in some cases, negotiate preferred pricing. The McKinley Foundation provides scholarships and in some cases subsidizes more expensive courses that we feel are of high value to our students. Our goal is to make this program accessible to as many of our students as possible.

For parent convenience, we have consolidated all offerings in one application and one payment step. The ASE committee negotiates pricing, ensure instructors comply with SDUSD procedures (including background checks & TB tests) and organizes parent volunteers to escort younger students between classes, take attendance, and answer parent inquires. If you’d like to be a part of this team, please contact Bridgette Tullis for more information. We have volunteer opportunities available after hours, as well as on Thursday afternoons during program sessions.

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