Wish List

Thank you, Home Depot for (1) 75 ft hose (1) sprayer (4) hand trowels (1) leaf rake (1) metal soil rake (2) 5 gallon buckets!
Thank you, Home Depot for (1) 75 ft hose, (1) sprayer, (4) hand trowels, (1) leaf rake, (1) metal soil rake, (2) 5 gallon buckets!!

We are in need of the following items for our garden. Please email mckinleygarden@yahoo.com or call Jon Rogers at 619-933-8463 if you can donate an item or cash toward an item.

Hand Held Moisture meters – Total of 5. 1 for each grade level.
Hand Held PH meters – Total of 5
PH soil testing kits
Simple magnifying glasses
Grease pencils
Metal garden/plant markers
Garden tools, new or used
Garden soil
Outdoor potting soil
Wood Chips
Gift certificates for organic fertilizers and misc. at Home Brews and Gardens (across the street from Santos Coffee shop)
Compost activator
Native plants and trees

Artists for future artwork that will involve the students

Shovels — Thank you Fruit Tree Planting Foundation

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