Spanish Language Program

Supplemental After School Spanish Instruction

A weekly course is offered by IES Language Foundation after school.  Click here for registration flyer or register online. Enrollment may be limited if there are not enough rooms available to hold the classes. Please email for questions.

Dates:  September 22, 2016 through May 18, 2017
Time: Thursdays, 12:20 – 1:20 p.m.
Fee: $405*

* May be made in 3 payments of $147 due 9/16/16, 1/13/17, and 3/17/17.

Financial aid is available.

School Day Instruction

¡Bienvenidos!  We are pleased to be able to offer Spanish instruction to all students at McKinley through the IES Language Foundation.  Students receive Spanish instruction once a week during “the wheel” and grades K-3 receive a second lesson in their classroom. Exposure to a language is an important part of the IB curriculum, and our Spanish curriculum supports and enriches students’ IB learning.

Here are links to pages so you can see what your students have been learning:

Unit 1, Kindergarten (2016)

Unit 2, Kindergarten (2016)

Unit 3, Kindergarten (2017)

1st Grade:
Unit 1, First Grade (2016)

Unit 2, First Grade (2016)

Unit 3, First Grade (2017)

2nd Grade:
Unit 1, Second Grade (2016)

Unit 2, Second Grade (2016)

Unit 3, Second Grade (2017)

3rd Grade:
Unit 1, Third Grade (2016)

Unit 2, Third Grade (2016)

Unit 3, Third Grade (2016)

4th Grade:
Unit 1, Fourth Grade (2016)

Unit 2, Fourth Grade (2016)

Unit 3, Fourth Grade (2017)

5th Grade:
Unit 1, Fifth Grade (2016)

Unit 2, Fifth Grade (2016)

Unit 3, Fifth Grade (2017)