Jungle Book Volunteer Positions

McKinley Theatre Company’s is delighted to present The Jungle Book production but it cannot take place without the volunteers who help make it happen.  Whether or not your child is in the show, you are welcome to participate.

Please complete and return the JB Volunteer Form to the front office by Oct. 16th or email Erin Nye ( with your information and how you wish to contribute.

See the Jungle Book Calendar for the production schedule.  Be sure to attend the JB Volunteer Meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 30, 6:30 p.m.





Musical Committee

Positions to help with kids on vocals and instruments, or play instruments live, or coordinate live and recorded music.

Most rehearsals

Grant Ferrier


Help design and direct dance numbers.

Most rehearsals

Costume Committee

Help design, create, and fit costumes.

1 meeting, a couple rehearsals, 1st performance


Make-Up Committee

Create make-up designs and apply to kids before performances.

1 meeting, 1 rehearsal and all performances

Erin Nye

Set Committee

Open call for any parents who are creative, handy and willing to paint and build.

Available and during SET 12/5 – 12/8

Tori Penick


Assist photographer taking pictures and creating show board outside of the auditorium.

A couple rehearsals, one performance

Anthony Scoggins


Videotape and edit the show.  Make DVDS for parents.

1 show


Organize evening show snack bar

2 shows


Assist managing children during rehearsals

1 rehearsal a week

Elizabeth Newlin

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